The Gene Autry Show

The Gene Autry Show Gene Autry, known as 'The Singing Cowboy' was a major star in movies, radio and television for more than thirty years. Gene Autry is the only person to have been awarded five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A successful businessman, he also owned for 36 years, the Los Angeles/California Angels, a Major League Baseball team, a television station and several radio stations. Today Gene Autry is probably best known as the singer of 'Frosty the Snowman' and 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

The Gene Autry Show began in 1950 and was produced by Autry. Along with himself, it also stars his pal Pat and his famous horse Champion.

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Episode Listing

Season 1 Episode 3 - The Silver ArrowRanchers are being killed with silver arrows. Suspicion falls on the local Indians, but Gene Autry believes it is a cover-up for a much bigger crime. Originally released: 6 August 1950. Runtime: 26:51.
Season 1 Episode 4 - The Doodle BugWhilst investigating a spate of recent robberies, Gene Autry and his sidekick Pat are almost killed in a deliberate landslide. Originally released: 13 August 1950. Runtime: 26:41.
Season 1 Episode 5 - The Star ToterThe sheriff has been murdered and Gene Autry pins on the sheriff's badge in order to bring the killer to justice. Originally released: 20 August 1950. Runtime: 26:58.
Season 1 Episode 7 - Blackwater Valley FeudJody Bowers is the new cook at the T-C Ranch, Gene let's Jody know that the T-C cannot use a road to the Flying M. This begins a feud. Originally released: 3 September 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 8 - Doublecross ValleyA gang seem to find something very interesting on a local ranch. Gene Autry sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery. Originally released: 10 September 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 9 - The PosseWhopper Darrow, is a reformed outlaw and Gene Autry loans him the ranch, so that he can impress his daughter, who is visiting him. Originally released: 17 September 1950. Runtime: 26:00.
Season 1 Episode 10 - The Devil's BrandGene's Autry's boss is murdered and Gene leads the hunt to bring the killer or killers to justice. Originally released: 24 September 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 12 - The Poisoned WaterholeAfter discovering that a waterhole has been poisoned, Gene and his pal Pat set out to find out why. They soon run up against Indians and the railroad. Originally released: 8 October 1950. Runtime: 26:07.
Season 1 Episode 13 - The Lost ChancePepito, a Mexican boy tells Gene that he knows the location of a gold strike called 'Lost Chance'. When outlaws find out, they kidnap Pepito, threatening to kill his mule if he does not help them. Originally released: 15 October 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 14 - The Black RiderThe 'Black Rider', an outlaw who dresses all in black, is terrorizing the town in revenge for executing a killer. Gene and Pat are asked to find him. Originally released: 22 October 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 15 - Gunpowder RangeMilly Parker, runs the local cafe. Tim, Milly's younger brother, is causing her troubles and she asks Gene Autry for assistance. Originally released: 29 October 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 16 - The BreakupGene Autry and Pat come to the aid of a wounded man. They then learn that the main suspect is the man's son-in-law. Originally released: 5 November 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 17 - Twisted TrailsA thirteen year old boy is searching for his father, who he does not realize is an outlaw. Gene Autry helps him in his mission. Originally released: 12 November 1950. Runtime: 26:04.
Season 1 Episode 18 - The Fight At Peaceful MesaWhilst searching of a gang of outlaws Gene Autry and his pal Pat stumble upon a dying man. Fulfilling his last wishes brings them into danger. Originally released: 19 November 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 19 - Hot LeadGene Autry comes to the aid of a boy and his horse. This act of kindness is later repaid, when Gene tracks a gang of bank robbers. Originally released: 26 November 1950. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 1 Episode 20 - The Gray DudeGene Autry in pursuit of an outlaw, called 'The Gray Dude', who has murdered his friend. Partnering Autry is the new sheriff, Chill Wills. Originally released: 3 December 1950. Runtime: 26:00.
Season 1 Episode 22 - The PeacemakerThe ranchers are having a bad time of it, with land grabbers and drought. Gene Autry comes to the rescue, bringing with him a rainmaker. Originally released: 17 December 1950. Runtime: 26:03.
Season 1 Episode 24 - T.N.TTheodora, the daughter of Gene's new neighbors, finds out her hero Gene Autry lives close by and runs away to find him, pretending she is homeless. When found, she claims she was kidnapped. Originally released: 31 December 1950. Runtime: 26:03.
Season 1 Episode 26 - Double Barreled VengeanceAfter a spate of stagecoach robberies, Gene Autry turns himself into an outlaw, in hopes of catching the perpetrators. Originally released: 21 April 1951. Runtime: 26:01.


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