Our Golden Section

SeriesWelcome our Golden Section, where the collection currently has 8 different shows and 193 films, for your enjoyment!!

Our Golden Section brings you the very best entertainment, from the undersea world of Diver Dan to the adventures of the world's most famous outlaw Robin Hood.

Explore the unknown in The Veil or saddle your horse and ride the range with Gene Autry.

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Series - Diver Dan
Diver DanFirst broadcast in 1961, this is a real gem of children's television. Watch the series and you'll forever be a friend of Diver Dan and the beautiful Mermaid Queen Minerva.
Series - Golden Shorts
Golden ShortsThis is our collection of short comedy films, that don't belong in any show category. They may just be pilots of a series that never made it to the screen, one-offs or maybe small parts of a comedy series, that has lapsed into the public domain.
Series - Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
Alcoa Presents: One Step BeyondThe television series ran for three seasons, from January 20, 1959 to July 4, 1961. Hosted by John Newland it presented tales of the supernatural, that were, it claimed based on fact.
Series - The Adventures Of Robin Hood
The Adventures Of Robin HoodThe Adventures of Robin Hood is television series made in Britain. Originally airing from September 22, 1955, until September 26, 1960, it starred Richard Greene in the title role.
Series - The Buccaneers
The BuccaneersThe show, which originally aired from 19 September 1956 to 12 June 1957, starred Robert Shaw, as Dan Tempest and followed his adventures and that of his crew, all former pirates as they sailed in their ship 'The Sultana'.
Series - The Gene Autry Show
The Gene Autry ShowGene Autry, 'The Singing Cowboy', was a major star. The only person with 5 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now, best known for singing 'Frosty the Snowman', 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' and being the owner of 'Champion'.
Series - The Invisible Man
The Invisible ManLoosely based on H.G. Well's novel, The Invisible Man follows the adventures of a British scientist, Doctor Brady who is the victim of an accident that leaves him invisible, a gift that is soon turned to good use, by the Government and others.
Series - The Veil
The VeilThe Veil is a television series, featuring horror and the supernatural. Produced in 1958, the host of the series was Boris Karloff. The stories are allegedly based on real life happenings.