Gang Busters

Gang BustersGang Busters was created and written by Phillips H. Lord, who also narrated each episode.

Originating as a radio show, which was first broadcast in 1936, Gang Busters made its screen transition in 1952.

The episodes are dramatizations of real FBI cases and Phillips H. Lord worked closely with FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover.

Some of the episodes were reedited to create two feature films, 'Gang Busters' and 'Guns Don't Argue'.

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Episode Listing

The Bayless CaseJohn Richard Bayless jumps bail and then robs a bank of $20,000 before catching a plane to New York. This information is radioed to the plane, but which passenger is he? Originally released: 1952. Runtime: 26:10.
The Boilat Fiaschetti CaseThree jewel thieves are working in New York, when one is arrested the others flee. The one lead is a beautiful woman, with whom a detective starts a relationship, in an attempt to solve the case. Originally released: 1952. Runtime: 25:14.
The Graham Dennis CaseA Canadian cat burglar is working from coast to coast stealing party guest's jewelry and then selling them to legitimate merchants. One of his outlets recognizes his picture on a wanted poster. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:48.
The Herbert Nobel CaseWealthy Herbert Nobel owns an illegal casino, which the mob want to take a cut of. He becomes a target, when he refuses to cooperate and survives twelve attempts to kill him. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:57.
The John Dillinger CaseJohn Dillinger, the infamous bank robber has escaped from gaol using an imitation gun. He makes a fateful error by crossing state lines in a stolen car, allowing the FBI to join in the hunt. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:46.
The Karpis CaseAlvin Karpis, a bank robber and kidnapper is being hunted by Federal agents. Karpis always manages to stay one step ahead, but the FBI know that he loves fishing and eventually track him down. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:57.
The Mendoro CaseA pair of robbers start a reign of terror on Chicago's South Side, they threaten the tellers with poison gas. One woman is already dead. One of the culprits is Charles Mendoro, a devoted family man. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:54.
The O'Dell Griffin CaseDuring a robbery, vicious thieves have beaten a jeweller to death. They then appeared to disappear across the Canadian border. Now, police have intelligence that they may be heading to New York. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:52.
The Phantom CaseA masked criminal and his gang are committing a series of robberies, but as soon as they carry out a crime they appear to completely vanish without a trace. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:47.
The Unholy Three CaseThree dangerous criminals are using a church mission as their headquarters for a series of robberies. They figure it's a safe place to work out of, they then make a mistake by kidnapping the minister. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:45.
The Van Meter CaseHomer Van Meter joins up with the infamous John Dillinger and they embark on a series of violent crimes. In hot pursuit are the police, Homer Van Meter is eventually double crossed by one of his gang. Originally released: 1955. Runtime: 24:46.


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