Follow That Man

Follow That ManFollow That Man, also known as, 'Man Against Crime' is one of the original private eye television programs.

The series ran from October 7, 1949 to August 26, 1956.

The star of the show is Ralph Bellamy playing Mike Barnett, a New York private investigator.

The sponsors of the show were the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and there is a certain amount of product placement throughout the episodes.

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Episode Listing

Season 4 Episode 6 - Paradise LostMike Barnett is investigating a murder. When he stumbles across a copy of John Milton's Paradise Lost that has been inscribed, he has found a valuable clue. Originally released: 5 November 1952. Runtime: 25:57.
Season 4 Episode 8 - Get Out Of TownIt appears that Mike Barnett is no longer welcome in town and someone wants him out of the way. Mike is taken at gunpoint to a plane flying to Mexico. Originally released: 19 November 1952. Runtime: 26:08.
Season 4 Episode 9 - Fuller's FollyAn insurance agent claims that an old mansion is haunted. Mike Barnett investigates the claim, but he thinks it maybe criminals trying to scare people away. Originally released: 26 November 1952. Runtime: 26:01.
Season 4 Episode 11 - Killer CatMike Barnett receives a call from a businessman who is on vacation in the Canadian woods. The man thinks that business rivals are plotting to kill him. Originally released: 10 December 1952. Runtime: 25:57.
Season 4 Episode 16 - Ferry BoatMike Barnett receives a strange phone call. The caller claims he knows of a communist spy ring and asks Mike to meet him on the Staten Island ferry. Soon Mike is investigating a murder. Originally released: 14 January 1953. Runtime: 25:02.
Season 4 Episode 18 - The Silken TouchMike Barnett has been hired by James Wiley to find out who is hijacking his trucks. Mike Barnett calls in the FBI, but soon is being used to drive the bait to catch the gang. Originally released: 28 January 1953. Runtime: 25:03.
Season 4 Episode 19 - Third RailMike is escorted against his will to meet the boss of a gang, who wants to find out why he was shadowing one of his men on the subway. Also, more importantly what was the number of the subway car. Originally released: 4 February 1953. Runtime: 24:55.
Season 4 Episode 23 - The IcemanA pair of thieves are involved in a crime spree, robbing rooms of hotel guests. The one thing they haven't counted on is Mike Barnett being on their case. Originally released: 3 March 1953. Runtime: 25:59.
Season 4 Episode 24 - Death Takes A PartnerA bicycle racer is murdered at an indoor 6-day bike race. Mike Barnett is hired by the promoter to make sure that crooked gamblers don't fix the event. Originally released: 11 March 1953. Runtime: 25:05.
Season 4 Episode 25 - Sic Transit GloriaMike Barnett meets a pretty girl in the elevator at his apartment block who asks for his help, but she is not all that she appears and soon Mike is embroiled in another case. Originally released: 18 March 1953. Runtime: 26:02.
Season 4 Episode 26 - A Family AffairA lone bank robber leaves two employees dead. Mike Barnett does not believe that he was working alone and goes in search of the accomplice, who he thinks works for the bank. Originally released: 25 March 1953. Runtime: 25:11.
Season 4 Episode 27 - The Hitch HeistersThey look like two innocent young girls, hitching for a lift. Nothing could be further from the truth; they are highly dangerous con artists. Originally released: 1 April 1953. Runtime: 25:42.
Season 4 Episode 28 - Free RideMike Barnett receives a phone call from a man at a fun park. He is claiming the 10,000 dollar reward for the return of diamonds. When Mike Barnett goes to meet him he finds the man's corpse. Originally released: 8 April 1953. Runtime: 25:37.
Season 4 Episode 31 - The Coconut's EyeA pair of thieves are searching all the coconuts at the New York Botanical Gardens, believing inside one are hidden diamonds. After being attacked Professor Lopez calls in Mike Barnett. Originally released: 6 May 1953. Runtime: 25:46.
Season 4 Episode 32 - Room 505Johnny Logan is sitting in the dentist chair and sees a woman being shot in a hotel room opposite. He rushes to reception where he finds Mike Barnett, who soon meets up with an old friend. Originally released: 13 May 1953. Runtime: 26:08.
Season 4 Episode 33 - Day ManA sophisticated team of burglars use different tactics to gain access to people's homes during the day. Mike Barnett has a plan to trap them in the act. Originally released: 20 May 1953. Runtime: 25:48.
Season 4 Episode 34 - Hot FurA warehouse full of furs has been raided in a cunning scheme. Mike Barnett is hired to check the security arrangements at the warehouse. Originally released: 27 May 1953. Runtime: 26:08.
Season 4 Episode 35 - The Doll BanditWhilst drinking in a bar, Mike Barnett meets a beautiful blonde woman. This chance encounter provides Mike with a clue to help him capture the glamorous bank robber. Originally released: 10 June 1953. Runtime: 25:46.
Season 4 Episode 37 - Black Leg And White TieWealthy New Yorkers are being cheated in a sting that masquerades as a 'charity' gambling operation. Originally released: 24 June 1953. Runtime: 26:12.
Season 4 Episode 38 - The Fraternity Of FiveMike Barnett receives a call from Ellman Graff. When he arrives for the appointment, he finds the man dead and soon becomes embroiled with a gang of smugglers. Originally released: 1 July 1953. Runtime: 25:48.
Season 4 Episode 40 - The Polecat ShakedownMike Barnett is on a fishing vacation, but gets involved in a case of extortion. The owner of a roadside diner is being asked to pay $2,000 for protection 'against damages'. Originally released: 24 July 1953. Runtime: 24:21.
Season 4 Episode 42 - The Wire TappersA pair of con men have the room telephones at a hotel tapped. They make a mistake when they con a friend of Mike Barnett's, and he is soon on their trail. Originally released: 14 August 1953. Runtime: 25:46.
Season 5 Episode 6 - The Main Bout Is MurderA boxer has been receiving anonymous threats, but now the situation has become even more serious as his brother has been kidnapped. Mike Barnett is hired to find the brother and catch the kidnappers. Originally released: 15 November 1953. Runtime: 25:57.
Season 5 Episode 8 - The Cube Root Of EvilA man attending a convention may have overdone the drink and goes in search of a 'good time'. He ends up at a private party, where he has been promised there will be dice games, but in fact he is mugged. Originally released: 29 November 1953. Runtime: 25:11.
Season 5 Episode 11 - Petite LarcenyA couple of jewel thieves, who are pretending to be a father and daughter, are plotting to steal a very valuable necklace. They have not reckoned on Mike Barnett being on their case. Originally released: 20 December 1953. Runtime: 26:09.


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