DragnetDragnet was the creation of Jack Webb, who also starred as the main character, Sergeant Joe Friday, badge number 714.

Dragnet was originally a radio show and moved to television after a successful pilot in December 16, 1951. Jack Webb wanted the show to be as realistic as possible and made great use of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Many of the cases investigated covered subjects that at the time were considered controversial, they were also based on real life incidents.

When Jack Webb died, he was buried with full police honors and a replica LAPD badge, number 714.

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Episode Listing

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Big CastDetective Sergeant Joe Friday is questioning Henry Ross about the disappearance of a man. Friday believes a murder has been committed. Originally released: 14 February 1952. Runtime: 25:42.
Season 1 Episode 11 - The Big September ManLate at night a secretary has been murdered, beaten to death with a metal pipe. The prime suspect is a drunk who was found close by. Originally released: 8 May 1952. Runtime: 26:07.
Season 1 Episode 12 - The Big Phone CallJoe Friday and Jacobs investigating a nearby robbery are questioning a jeweler. Will the man eventually crack or is he telling the truth? Originally released: 22 May 1952. Runtime: 25:39.
Season 1 Episode 13 - The Big CasingA woman has committed suicide by shooting herself, or so her husband claims. Friday and Jacobs investigate and maybe all is not what it appears. Originally released: 5 June 1952. Runtime: 25:59.
Season 2 Episode 7 - The Big .22 Rifle For ChristmasA boy has gone missing and Friday and Smith are searching for him. The first clue is when some blood is found, has this case anything to do with the boy's missing Christmas present, a .22-caliber rifle? Originally released: 18 December 1952. Runtime: 26:19.
Season 2 Episode 9 - The Big GrandmaIn a strange case Joe Friday is on the trail of an elderly lady, who has been passing bad checks. This has been happening sporadically for nearly 10 years. Originally released: 8 January 1953. Runtime: 25:11.
Season 2 Episode 19 - The Big BreakSergeant Joe Friday is leading his men on a raid. Holed up in the house is an armed and highly dangerous robber. This has all the signs of a bloody end. Originally released: 19 March 1953. Runtime: 26:22.
Season 2 Episode 26 - The Big FrankA victim is dragged from his car, then beaten and robbed. The criminal makes his getaway in the car. Joe Friday has to find him before he strikes again. Originally released: 7 May 1953. Runtime: 24:53.
Season 2 Episode 28 - The Big HandsAn unknown woman is found strangled in a hotel room. Friday and Smith are assigned the case, but there are no clues and the woman's identity is a mystery. Originally released: 21 May 1953. Runtime: 26:14.
Season 3 Episode 21 - The Big BoysAn armed gang are heading from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The four are very dangerous; two of them are army deserters. Friday and Smith are on the lookout for them. Originally released: 21 January 1954. Runtime: 26:14.
Season 3 Episode 28 - The Big ShopliftThere has been a spate of shoplifting incidents in town. This is a peculiar case, which turns out even stranger when Joe Friday finally catches the culprit. Originally released: 11 March 1954. Runtime: 26:57.
Season 3 Episode 29 - The Big Hit And Run KillerAn old lady and her grandson are mown down and killed by a truck that then drives away. When Joe Friday questions the owner of the vehicle, he claims that he lent it to another man that he hardly knows. Originally released: 18 March 1954. Runtime: 26:22.
Season 3 Episode 31 - The Big GirlShe is tall and beautiful, but also very dangerous to know. Joe Friday is on the case of a woman who has been robbing and sometimes shooting men. Originally released: 1 April 1954. Runtime: 26:20.
Season 3 Episode 34 - The Big FrameA body has been found in the gutter, it appears it is a hit and run. Joe Friday becomes suspicious when all the witness stories match. It seems too neat. Originally released: 22 April 1954. Runtime: 26:16.
Season 3 Episode 35 - The Big False MakeA gardener confesses to Joe Friday he held up a grocery store. But whilst questioning the suspect's story doesn't seem to stack up. Is he the real criminal? Originally released: 27 May 1954. Runtime: 26:19.
Season 4 Episode 1 - The Big ProducerPornographic stories and pictures are being spread around a school. Who is the supplier of the literature? Maybe a clue is in the title. Originally released: 26 August 1954. Runtime: 29:17.
Season 4 Episode 3 - The Big CrimeFriday and Smith are investigating the disappearance of two little girls, luckily they are soon found. But there is evidence that the girls may have been molested. Originally released: 9 September 1954. Runtime: 26:34.
Season 4 Episode 4 - The Big PairA pair of clever thieves are driving around town in a removal van. They are then robbing the homes of vacationing people. Their storyline being they have been hired to move the furniture. Originally released: 16 September 1954. Runtime: 26:18.
Season 4 Episode 8 - The Big BarFriday and Smith are on the case of a robber, who has been on a spree holding up bars. The search is stepped up a gear, after the killing of a bartender. Originally released: 14 October 1954. Runtime: 26:18.
Season 4 Episode 23 - The Big TVMrs. Shipley reports the disappearance of her daughter-in-law and grandchild. She claims her son is serving overseas. Friday and Smith discover Mrs. Shipley and her daughter-in-law disliked each other. Originally released: 3 February 1955. Runtime: 26:23.
Season 5 Episode 4 - The Big LiftSomeone has committed 17 burglaries in just 5 weeks. The pressure is on Friday and Smith to find the culprit. At last they find a rather suspicious suspect, who carries a large bag of groceries. Originally released: 22 September 1955. Runtime: 26:21.
Season 5 Episode 6 - The Big GapFriday and Smith are investigating a missing persons report. A clue is a ring worth $1500 that has been pawned. Will the case end when the detectives find the man or is there more to this than meets the eye? Originally released: 6 October 1955. Runtime: 26:39.
Season 5 Episode 7 - The Big LookThe city is being terrorized by a sadist who has been attacking women in their own homes. Evidence points to the fact that the attacker carefully cases the home of each victim and also takes on a new identity for each crime. Originally released: 13 October 1955. Runtime: 26:23.
Season 8 Episode 4 - The Big OskarAn eccentric lady gives the police a list of valuables, which she says have been stolen from her house. However, suspicions are raised when she starts boasting about being the first to report crimes to the local newspaper. Originally released: 14 October 1958. Runtime: 25:52.


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