Our Crime Section

CrimeWelcome our Crime Section, where the collection currently has 6 different shows and 87 films, for your enjoyment!!

Our Crime Section brings you classic crime series including Sherlock Holmes, Sergeant Joe Friday in Dragnet and private eye Martin Kane.

All of them dedicated to making the streets safe for you to walk.

Join them in their relentless pursuit of murderers and thieves.

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Crime - Crime Shorts
Crime ShortsThis is our collection of short crime films, that don't belong in any show category. They may just be of a series that never made it to the screen, one-offs or maybe small parts of a crime series, that have lapsed into the public domain.
Crime - Dragnet
DragnetDragnet was created by and starred Jack Webb, badge number 714, as Sergeant Joe Friday of the LAPD. With its attention to realism and the tackling of controversial subjects it was the groundbreaking series of its day.
Crime - Follow That Man
Follow That ManFollow That Man, also known as 'Man Against Crime', is one of the original private eye television programs. The star of the show is Ralph Bellamy playing Mike Barnett, a New York private investigator.
Crime - Gang Busters
Gang BustersGang Busters was created and written by Phillips H. Lord, who also narrated each episode. The episodes are dramatizations of real FBI cases and the show worked closely with FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover.
Crime - Martin Kane
Martin KaneMartin Kane is a private detective, working in New York. Martin Kane, Private Eye was sponsored by the United States Tobacco Company. Along with the sponsor's advertising, there is also plenty of product placement.
Crime - Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock HolmesFirst aired in 1954, this Sherlock Holmes series was produced by Sheldon Reynolds and starred Leslie Howard's son, Ronald Howard. The series was actually filmed in France and used stock footage of London.