The Three Stooges

The Three StoogesThe original Three Stooges were brothers Moe and Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine.

Originating on the vaudeville stage, they made the successful transition to the television screen.

Since their first appearance in 1958, their shows have never left the airwaves.

Although, never a hit with the critics, the Three Stooges, are still finding new generations to laugh at their madcap antics.

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Episode Listing

Brideless GroomIn order to get his inheritance Shemp must be married before six o'clock, but despite his best efforts no one will accept his proposal of marriage. Just before the deadline he succeeds in finding a bride. Originally released: 11 September 1947. Runtime: 16:38.
Disorder In The CourtThe Three Stooges are acting as defence witnesses at a murder trial. After causing mayhem, they make amends by discovering who the real murderer is. Originally released: 30 May 1936. Runtime: 16:36.
Malice In The PalaceThe Three Stooges are running a restaurant deep in the desert, but they set off in search of the stolen Rootin Tootin diamond. Fun and frolics ensue, including the boys dressing as Santa Clauses. Originally released: 1 September 1949. Runtime: 15:45.
Sing A Song Of Six PantsThe Three Stooges are unsuccessful tailors and are in debt to the Skin and Flint finance company. Will the big reward for the capture of a robber be the answer to their financial problems? Originally released: 30 October 1947. Runtime: 16:57.


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