The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet'The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet' was on screen for fourteen years, first airing October 3, 1952 and finally lowering the curtain on September 3, 1966.

The series comprised of 14 seasons and 435 episodes this record makes it the longest-running non-animated sitcom in American TV history.

'The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet' featured the real life Nelson family. Ozzie Nelson (who was an entertainer and band leader), his wife Harriet (singer and actress), and their two boys David Nelson (later a director and producer) and his younger brother Ricky Nelson (who became a highly successful singer-songwriter).

Whilst it was never a smash hit, somehow its gentle humor has survived the passing of the years.

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Episode Listing

Season 1 Episode 5 - Halloween PartyIt's Halloween and Ozzie and Thorny are planning to go to a party. Ricky and David attend their school's party, but before long the trick or treating gets a bit out of hand. Originally released: 31 October 1952. Runtime: 25:13.
Season 1 Episode 6 - Riviera BalletA local cop has lent on Ozzie to buy some tickets to the ballet. Harriet does not want Ozzie to go, because she thinks the women on stage will be wearing skimpy outfits. Originally released: 7 November 1952. Runtime: 28:51.
Season 1 Episode 17 - The Tuba IncidentThere is a power struggle in the Nelson household. Ozzie and Harriet argue about an article in the newspaper, where a couple split up, because of the husband's tuba playing. Originally released: 23 January 1953. Runtime: 22:27.
Season 1 Episode 21 - The Traffic SignalA new traffic signal has appeared on the street. Is this a good thing or bad? And who was the instigator? More strife for Ozzie. Originally released: 20 February 1953. Runtime: 22:25.
Season 1 Episode 26 - The Bowling AlleyOzzie's cold rather conveniently means that he is best off staying at home and not go shopping with Harriet. When Thorny reminds him of the bowling trip they had planned, he makes a remarkable recovery. Originally released: 27 March 1953. Runtime: 29:12.
Season 1 Episode 27 - The Orchid And The VioletThere is a mix up at the florists. Ozzie has ordered a bunch of violets to be delivered to Harriet, but instead orchids appear. Ozzie suspects that an old admirer may be responsible. Originally released: 3 April 1953. Runtime: 27:33.
Season 1 Episode 28 - Pancake MixThe Hasty Tasty Pancake Company offers a 'double your money back' guarantee!! Ricky sees an opportunity and applies for the refund for his pancake mix. Originally released: 10 April 1953. Runtime: 29:22.
Season 2 Episode 1 - New ChairsThe is a mix-up at the department store and two new chairs are delivered to the Nelson household. Confusion reigns when they try to return them. Originally released: 18 September 1953. Runtime: 29:03.
Season 2 Episode 3 - The Boy's Paper RouteTo earn some extra money, David and Ricky have got themselves a newspaper route. But it's Ozzie who ends up delivering and makes a mess of things. Originally released: 2 October 1953. Runtime: 26:39.
Season 2 Episode 6 - David's 17th BirthdayDavid has turned the grand old age of 17. But he wants to look more mature, as he has a crush on Sally Patterson, and she is only interested in older men! Originally released: 23 October 1953. Runtime: 26:22.
Season 2 Episode 10 - The Suggestion BoxOzzie has the bright idea of installing a suggestion box for the family. As it turns out this is not such a good scheme. Originally released: 20 November 1953. Runtime: 29:24.
Season 2 Episode 25 - The InitiationDavid is chairman of his club's initiation committee. It is the same club Thorny's son is about to join, and he has heard Ozzie's stories of the old time rites! Originally released: 5 March 1954. Runtime: 29:24.
Season 2 Episode 27 - Father And Son TournamentOzzie has a big dilemma, the father and son table tennis tournament. Both David and Ricky want him to play, but he can only play with one of them. Originally released: 19 March 1954. Runtime: 25:12.
Season 2 Episode 32 - An Evening With HamletDavid is studying Hamlet at school and Ozzie decides to do a reading for him. Before long there is a full scale production in the Nelsons' living room. Originally released: 23 April 1954. Runtime: 24:47.
Season 2 Episode 34 - The Bird's NestThe gutter on the Nelson's roof is in urgent need of repair before the next rain. But the trouble is there is something holding up the work, a bird's nest. Originally released: 7 May 1954. Runtime: 24:48.
Season 3 Episode 8 - Odd BoltOzzie decides to clear out some old draws, whilst doing so he finds an old bolt. It soon becomes an obsession, where does the bolt come from? Originally released: 10 December 1954. Runtime: 29:04.
Season 3 Episode 22 - Pajama GameOzzie and Thorny are on a fishing trip, which goes rather wrong, when they somehow manage to get stuck downtown, dressed only in their pajamas. Originally released: 1 April 1955. Runtime: 29:23.
Season 4 Episode 9 - A Ball Of Tin FoilOzzie rents a trailer to take unwanted items to the junkyard, but soon he is trading it with his neighbors. But when their wives find out the original junk is returned. Originally released: 25 November 1955. Runtime: 29:22.
Season 4 Episode 16 - The Car Mix-UpAfter grocery shopping Harriet accidentally drives the wrong car home. After giving her a lecture, Ozzie does exactly the same thing! Originally released: 27 January 1956. Runtime: 29:26.
Season 4 Episode 21 - A Day In BedOzzie has decided to spend the whole day in bed. Unfortunately, he will soon discover that this is not quite as easy as it at first seems. Originally released: 23 March 1956. Runtime: 23:43.
Season 5 Episode 8 - David Picks Up The TabDavid decides to treat Ozzie and Harriet, plus his date to a meal in a swanky restaurant. The trouble is, will he have enough money to pay the bill? Originally released: 21 November 1956. Runtime: 29:24.
Season 5 Episode 12 - The Busy ChristmasIt is nearly Christmas and Ozzie has overstretched himself with too many commitments. It looks like he won't have time to hang the lights, buy the Christmas tree or even do his shopping. Originally released: 19 December 1956. Runtime: 29:02.
Season 5 Episode 14 - Ozzie's DoubleThere is a stranger in town with a British accent. He is creating Ozzie a few problems, as the two look exactly alike. Not only is the stranger seen with an attractive woman, he is also a pickpocket. Originally released: 2 January 1957. Runtime: 26:33.
Season 5 Episode 15 - Hairstyle For HarrietHarriet wants a change of image and takes a trip to the beauty parlor for a new hairstyle. This makes Ozzie nervous, but also has him thinking, that maybe he could change his looks as well. Originally released: 9 January 1957. Runtime: 24:45.
Season 5 Episode 19 - The DuennaDavid meets a very pretty Spanish girl and asks her to a dance. The two problems are she doesn't speak English and that she brings her duenna to act as a chaperon. Originally released: 6 February 1957. Runtime: 29:21.
Season 5 Episode 21 - The Reading RoomHarriet and the boys have made Ozzie a reading room in the attic. Although this was meant as a kind gesture, Ozzie is feeling left out and thinks they want him out of the way. Originally released: 20 February 1957. Runtime: 26:49.
Season 5 Episode 24 - The Jet PilotAs a reward for helping place an air force base in the community, Ozzie has been given the chance to fly in a jet plane. It will go faster than the speed of sound. Originally released: 13 March 1957. Runtime: 25:49.
Season 5 Episode 26 - The EditorHarriet has been made editor of the women's club news. Ozzie gives her a hand with the club newsletter, but then discovers he's made rather a bad typo. Originally released: 27 March 1957. Runtime: 25:55.
Season 5 Episode 28 - Ricky The DrummerThe Tommy Jackson Band is in town and Ricky wants to play the drums with them. In this historic episode Ricky actually sings his first release, Fat's Domino's, I'm Walkin'. Originally released: 10 April 1957. Runtime: 24:46.
Season 6 Episode 10 - Tutti-Fruiti Ice-CreamRicky reads a story in the paper about a policeman feeding a lost boy some Tutti-Frutti ice cream, which gives the family pangs for some. The trouble is where to find a tub of it. Originally released: 11 December 1957. Runtime: 29:22.
Season 6 Episode 11 - The Christmas Tree LotWith Christmas approaching David and Rick decide to earn some money by selling Christmas trees. However, the two soon learn that there is more to running a business than they realized. Originally released: 18 December 1957. Runtime: 25:16.
Season 6 Episode 14 - The Road RaceOzzie has the racing bug and has fixed up an old car which he's going to race against a hotrod. Surely he will have no chance, but remember the tortoise and the hare. Originally released: 8 January 1958. Runtime: 29:22.
Season 6 Episode 21 - Old Band PavilionOzzie helps run a campaign to bring back live outdoor concerts at the local park's band pavilion. Originally released: 26 February 1958. Runtime: 26:31.
Season 6 Episode 34 - Ozzie And The Bridge GroupThe Nelson's have a new neighbor, Harry Benson. Harry says that it's good to move somewhere new as otherwise you 'fall into a rut'. This sets Ozzie thinking about his routine of bridge on Tuesdays and golf on Saturdays. Originally released: 4 June 1958. Runtime: 29:17.
Season 7 Episode 8 - Rick's Riding LessonWhen Ricky, Dave and Wally go horseback riding, Ricky sees a beautiful instructor. So he pretends he cannot ride and offers to teach her guitar if she can teach him. Originally released: 19 November 1958. Runtime: 29:23.
Season 7 Episode 11 - The MotorcycleDave has his heart set on buying a motorcycle. Harriet is not so keen on the idea and wants Ozzie to talk Dave out of the scheme. Originally released: 10 December 1958. Runtime: 29:19.
Season 7 Episode 17 - Jealous Joe RandolphJoe Randolph's birthday is coming up and his wife, Clara, enlists Ozzie's help in choosing him a fishing rod as a present. But the two are spotted and Joe suspects an affair. Originally released: 4 February 1959. Runtime: 29:16.
Season 7 Episode 21 - The Exploding BookDave and Wally are both dating the same girl. Dave is invited to her birthday party, but picks up the wrong present, a book that will explode when it is opened. Originally released: 4 March 1959. Runtime: 26:59.
Season 7 Episode 31 - The Little Black BoxHarriet and Clara have a bet with their husbands that men are more curious than women. As a test they lock a box to see if the men will force it open to see what is inside. Originally released: 13 May 1959. Runtime: 29:20.
Season 8 Episode 3 - David The Law ClerkDavid has applied for a clerk job in a top law firm. He is concerned that the rest of the family keep bumping across the partner who will make the decision. Originally released: 21 October 1959. Runtime: 29:15.
Season 8 Episode 7 - David The SleuthWhen out bowling Dave sees a man who is making a claim against one of his law firm's clients. With Rick's help he sets out to prove that the man is not injured as he claims. Originally released: 18 November 1959. Runtime: 29:07.
Season 8 Episode 31 - No News For HarrietHarriet hears all the gossip via the grapevine, but realizes a lot of it Ozzie already knows, so she tells him to keep her informed of anything he hears. Originally released: 8 June 1960. Runtime: 29:20.
Season 9 Episode 7 - Sweater For RickAs a surprise Rick's girlfriend is knitting him a sweater. This means that she has turned down dates to do the knitting. So Dave dates another girl, who also knits him a sweater. Originally released: 9 November 1960. Runtime: 29:12.
Season 9 Episode 9 - David's Almost In LawsOzzie and Harriet have an invite to Dave's girlfriend's house, for dinner with her parents. This makes them think that wedding bells may soon be heard. Originally released: 23 November 1960. Runtime: 28:08.
Season 9 Episode 12 - Girl In The EmporiumRicky and Wally both spot a beautiful sales girl in a department store. To get close to her, they both apply for Christmas jobs there. Originally released: 14 December 1960. Runtime: 29:17.
Season 9 Episode 24 - Dave's Golf StoryDave has written a great golf story. Wally, trying to impress the pretty campus newspaper editor, submits the story for publication pretending he wrote it. Originally released: 8 March 1961. Runtime: 27:15.
Season 9 Episode 27 - The Manly ArtsDave and Rick have a job of delivering a crate in the middle of the night. As it contains valuable works of art, Harriet thinks the boys have got involved in a criminal plot. Originally released: 29 March 1961. Runtime: 29:21.
Season 10 Episode 8 - The Barking DogOzzie is off on a fishing trip in the morning and needs to get an early night's sleep, but the barking dog is making it impossible. Originally released: 16 November 1961. Runtime: 29:04.
Season 10 Episode 16 - A Lamp For David And JuneJune has spotted the ideal lamp for their new apartment, but it costs $85. Dave says that they cannot afford to buy it, so June starts an economy drive. Originally released: 1 February 1962. Runtime: 29:07.
Season 10 Episode 21 - Lonesome ParentsIt has been two weeks since Ozzie and Harriet have heard from Dave and June. They think it might be because they have offended them somehow. Originally released: 15 March 1962. Runtime: 23:41.
Season 11 Episode 6 - The Tigers Go To A DanceHarriet's women's club is sponsoring a dance for 7-10 year old girls. The trouble is that they cannot persuade any boys of that age to attend. Ozzie fixes the problem by bribing the Tigers baseball team. Originally released: 1 November 1962. Runtime: 28:18.
Season 12 Episode 25 - A Letter About HarrietThe local newspaper has printed a husband's love letter to his wife. Now Ozzie and Joe's wives are expecting them to follow suit and write love letters as well. Originally released: 1 April 1964. Runtime: 27:50.
Season 13 Episode 7 - The PenniesOzzie is entrusted with a jar of pennies by a couple of neighborhood boys. Finding himself short of cash, when playing poker, he borrows the money. What Ozzie doesn't realize is, that the coins were valuable. Originally released: 28 October 1964. Runtime: 28:58.
Season 13 Episode 8 - The BallerinaHarriet is helping organize the Women's Club Annual Children's Show. She ropes in Kris, Rick and his fraternity brothers to help. They decide to perform a comic ballet. Originally released: 4 November 1964. Runtime: 27:44.
Season 13 Episode 15 - The PetitionMr. Kelley is out of town and a woman has come to Rick's offices to arrange a transfer of $20,000 to one of her relatives in Mexico City. Rick is suspicious and decides to investigate. Originally released: 6 January 1965. Runtime: 29:00.
Season 13 Episode 26 - Painting From The PastOne of Rick's ex-girlfriends returns a landscape he had painted for her years ago. Rick wants to hang it on the wall, but his wife is jealous, as he has never painted for her. Originally released: 17 March 1965. Runtime: 28:57.
Season 14 Episode 2 - A Rose A DayEvery day a rose is being delivered for Harriet, by a secret admirer. This drives Ozzie crazy, as he tries to find out who is sending them. Originally released: 22 September 1965. Runtime: 22:04.
Season 14 Episode 3 - Kris And The QueenWally and Ginger are not on speaking terms, so Kris and Rick help to set up a date for him with the Prom Queen. They hope this will make Ginger jealous. Originally released: 29 September 1965. Runtime: 28:47.


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