Dick Tracy

Dick TracyBased on the Dick Tracy comic strip, drawn by Chester Gould, this is a 15 part serial made by Chapter Republic in 1937.

The serial stars Ralph Byrd, in the title role of Dick Tracy, who is battling a master criminal called The Spider. In this serial, Dick Tracy is a G-Man based in San Francisco, which is a slight change from the original comic strip.

The Spider captures Gordon Tracy, Dick's brother. Dr Moloch, one of Spider's henchmen performs a brain operation that turns Gordon evil and makes him a member of the Spider Ring.

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Episode Listing

Episode 1 - The Spider StrikesThe Bay Bridge in San Francisco is being attacked by Spider's sonic weapon. Dick Tracy is underneath and the bridge is beginning to collapse. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 29:26.
Episode 2 - The Bridge Of TerrorDick Tracy's plane is attacked by gunfire and it comes crashing down onto a bridge. How will our hero survive this? Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 19:12.
Episode 3 - The Fur PiratesDick Tracy is in a motorboat in hot pursuit of his brother and the Spider Ring. He is caught between two ships. Will he be crushed to death? Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 20:26.
Episode 4 - Death Rides The SkyDick Tracy rides aboard an unmanned plane, attempting to save Gordon, but the plane is hit by gunfire. Surely this is the end of Dick Tracy. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 20:50.
Episode 5 - Brother Against BrotherDick is chasing Gordon across the rooftops, then Gordon opens fire/. He hits Dick and sends him plummeting to the ground below. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 19:15.
Episode 6 - Dangerous WatersDick is in even greater danger when his leg is trapped by in a submarine's mooring line, dragging him to the salty depths. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 16:53.
Episode 7 - The Ghost Town MysteryDick Tracy is trapped in a pit. All around him the Spider Ring gather and take aim. There is no way Dick Tracy will survive this time. Or is there? Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 20:12.
Episode 8 - Battle In The CloudsDick Tracy is shot down yet again. This time it is Gordon Tracy who does the deed. The Spider has complete control over Dick's brother. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 18:41.
Episode 9 - The Stratosphere AdventureRather than a plane this episode sees Dick Tracy onboard a Zeppelin. He is unconscious and the Zeppelin will soon be a roaring inferno. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 18:00.
Episode 10 - The Gold ShipA huge steel plate from a ship's hull falls and traps Dick Tracy. How will he be able to escape? This must be curtains for Dick Tracy. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 18:28.
Episode 11 - Harbor PursuitDick Tracy is at sea again, the controls of his motorboat have been shot rendering them useless. Up ahead is a ship that our hero is hurtling towards. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 16:36.
Episode 12 - The Trail Of The SpiderThe lights dim, the mark of the Spider shines onto Dick Tracy's head, then gunfire. The is no way out, finally the Spider must have killed Dick. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 17:39.
Episode 13 - The Fire TrapDick Tracy is onboard a flaming ship. To make matters worse, he falls whilst trying to escape. He has defeated death time and time again, but now it looks like there is no way back. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 16:47.
Episode 14 - The Devil In WhiteDick has been captured and is to undergo the same brain operation as his brother. This will mean that Dick Tracy will finally be defeated and with join the Spider Ring. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 20:35.
Episode 15 - Brothers UnitedDick Tracy is too smart for the Spider Ring and pretends to be unconscious. Meanwhile Gordon searches for his brother and may well pay the ultimate price. Originally released: 1937. Runtime: 16:58.


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