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CliffhangersWelcome our Suspense Section, where the collection currently has 27 different shows and 343 films, for your enjoyment!!

Our Suspense Section brings you the very best of classic cliffhangers.

Thrill at Flash Gordon's battles with the evil Emperor Ming, or discover who is behind the mask of Zorro.

From Tarzan's adventures in the jungle, to radar men from the moon, we have hours of entertainment to shock and enthral.

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Cliffhangers - Ace Drummond
Ace DrummondAce Drummond is a 13 part serial, based on a comic strip character, created by Eddie Rickenbacker. Ace Drummond travels to Mongolia in search of the mysterious 'Dragon', meanwhile Peggy Trainor is searching for her missing father.
Cliffhangers - Burn 'Em Up Barnes
Burn 'Em Up BarnesMarjorie Temple is the owner of what appears to be a worthless plot of land. It is in fact worth millions, as greedy oil speculators know. They try dirty tricks to force Marjorie off the land, but a young race driver called Burn 'Em Up Barnes comes to her aid.
Cliffhangers - Dick Tracy
Dick TracyThis 15 part serial is based on the comic strip, drawn by Chester Gould and made by Chapter Republic in 1937. It features Ralph Byrd, in the title role of Dick Tracy, who is battling a master criminal called 'The Spider'.
Cliffhangers - Don Winslow Of The Navy
Don Winslow Of The NavyDon Winslow of the Navy was originally a comic strip character created by Commander Frank V. Martinek. In this serial Don Winslow is based close to Pearl Harbor and is battling a gang of saboteurs, who are attempting to disrupt the war effort.
Cliffhangers - Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe
Flash Gordon Conquers The UniverseStarring the Olympic champion, Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon, this 12 part serial has the hero, yet again, battling his arch-enemy Ming the Merciless. Ming is spreading a deadly plague, known as the 'Purple Death', across the Earth.
Cliffhangers - Holt Of The Secret Service
Holt Of The Secret ServiceA gang of forgers has kidnapped the government's best engraver and is making him print virtually undetectable counterfeit money. To deal with this threat, the Secret Service sends Jack Holt and his female partner on a mission to find the gang.
Cliffhangers - Radar Men From The Moon
Radar Men From The MoonAn unknown weapon is destroying targets on Earth. It appears the destruction is being caused by an atomic ray being beamed from the moon. Commando Cody, along with his top secret flying suit, are assigned to the mission to investigate.
Cliffhangers - Shadow Of The Eagle
Shadow Of The EagleThis Mascot film serial, released in 1932, stars a young John Wayne as the hero Craig McCoy. An unknown pilot known as 'The Eagle', is using sky writing to make threats about a local company. McCoy goes in search of the 'The Eagle'.
Cliffhangers - SOS Coast Guard
SOS Coast GuardBoroff a mad scientist, played by Bela Lugosi, has invented a 'disintegrator gas'. On his journey to Morovania, where he was to sell his invention, he becomes shipwrecked. He is rescued by the Coast Guard, which is when the trouble really begins.
Cliffhangers - Tarzan The Tiger
Tarzan The TigerTarzan the Tiger produced in 1929, is based on the novel 'Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar' by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It marks the screen's first 'Tarzan yell', but it is not what is now traditionally used as Tarzan's call.
Cliffhangers - The Adventures Of Smilin Jack
The Adventures Of Smilin JackThe Adventures of Smilin' Jack is based on the comic strip drawn by Zack Moseley. Set just before the outbreak of World War II, the Americans and Chinese governments combine on a operation to prevent the Japanese taking over the island of Mandon.
Cliffhangers - The Clutching Hand
The Clutching HandDoctor Paul Gironda announces that he has discovered how to manufacture synthetic gold, but then he disappears. Walter Jameson, a reporter, who is engaged to Gironda's, partners an investigator called Craig Kennedy, to solve the mystery.
Cliffhangers - The Fighting Marines
The Fighting MarinesIn this the last ever Mascot serial, the United States Marine Corps are building a landing strip on Halfway Island. Their work disrupts the hideout of 'The Tiger Shark', a masked criminal, who seeks his revenge.
Cliffhangers - The Great Alaskan Mystery
The Great Alaskan MysteryDeep in Alaska, Nazi spies have developed a new weapon, a death ray called 'The Paratron'. They have, however, reckoned without the intervention of our hero, Milburn Stone, played by Jim Hudson.
Cliffhangers - The Green Archer
The Green ArcherThe Green Archer is an adaptation of the novel written by Edgar Wallace. Michael Bellamy's inheritance, Garr Castle has been stolen by his brother Abel, who uses it as a criminal base. But, the castle's legendary 'Green Archer' fights back.
Cliffhangers - The Green Hornet
The Green HornetThe Green Hornet film serial is based on the popular radio series of the same name. Britt Reid, the Green Hornet's real name, and his Korean valet Kato are crime fighters. In this case seeking out a criminal mastermind, called 'The Leader'.
Cliffhangers - The Hurricane Express
The Hurricane ExpressA mysterious villain, named 'The Wrecker', is sabotaging trains. One fatal crash claims the life of Larry Baker's father. Larry, played by John Wayne, sets out in search of the murderer. This will not be easy, as 'The Wrecker' is a master of disguise.
Cliffhangers - The Lost City
The Lost CityDeep in the heart of Africa, an evil scientist plots to take over the world. Zolok, the last of the Lemurians, has developed a machine that can create earthquakes. Bruce Gordon, suspicious of the spate of natural disasters, sets out to investigate.
Cliffhangers - The New Adventures Of Tarzan
The New Adventures Of TarzanIn the jungles of Guatemala, the natives worship an idol called 'The Green Goddess', not only is the totem encrusted with jewels, it also contains an ancient formula for an explosive so powerful that it could endanger the existence of the world.
Cliffhangers - The Phantom Creeps
The Phantom CreepsDr. Alex Zorka, played by Bela Lugosi, plans to rule the world using a series of his inventions. Hot on his heels are Captain Bob West, a G-Man and Jean Drew, a pretty reporter, who have joined forces to thwart his evil plans.
Cliffhangers - The Phantom Empire
The Phantom EmpireThe Phantom Empire is a science fiction and western musical! Gene Autry, who makes a daily broadcast at 2pm, discovers an ancient race, called Muranians, living under his ranch. Their huge supply of radium, soon brings trouble from the surface.
Cliffhangers - The Three Musketeers
The Three MusketeersSet in North Africa, Lt. Tom Wayne, played by John Wayne, has been framed for the murder of his fiancee's brother. Along with the Three Musketeers, Lt. Wayne sets out to capture the real killer, an Arab terrorist called 'El Shaitan.'
Cliffhangers - The Whispering Shadow
The Whispering Shadow'The Whispering Shadow' is a criminal mastermind who controls a gang with television and radio rays. Jack Norton, whose brother was killed by the Shadow, suspects Professor Strang, played by Bela Lugosi, who owns a very realistic wax museum.
Cliffhangers - Undersea Kingdom
Undersea KingdomTraveling aboard Professor Norton's Rocket Submarine, Lt. 'Crash' Corrigan and Diana Compton, a newspaper reporter go in search of the source of signals, that the professor believes have caused an earthquake.
Cliffhangers - Zorro Rides Again
Zorro Rides AgainThe California-Yucatan Railroad, is being attacked by a gang of terrorists, in an attempt to force its sale. The owners, Joyce and Phillip Andrews, and their partner Don Manuel Vega call for help from James Vega, the great grandson of the original Zorro!
Cliffhangers - Zorro's Black Whip
Zorro's Black WhipRandolph Meredith, the town's newspaper owner, endorses Idaho becoming a state. Dan Hammond, the town's stagecoach line owner, is opposed and kills Randolph Meredith. Will Barbara Meredith revenge her brother's death?
Cliffhangers - Zorro's Fighting Legion
Zorro's Fighting LegionDon Del Oro, meaning 'Lord of Gold', is attacking the gold trade of the Republic of Mexico. He plans to rule over Mexico, as Emperor. Don Diego Vega, better known as Zorro, takes charge of a fighting legion to put an end to his plans.