PopeyePopeye the Sailor made his first appearance, in a daily comic strip called 'Thimble Theatre', on January 17, 1929. He was created by Elzie Crisler Segar.

Although the strip had already been appearing for ten years, he soon became the star and it was soon renamed to 'Popeye'.

Starting in 1933, the Fleischer Studios began creating a series of cartoon shorts featuring Popeye, for Paramount Pictures. These proved highly popular and continued in production, until 1957, later cartoons being produced by Famous Studios.

Today, Popeye is as loved as ever, even making appearances on the big screen.

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Episode Listing

A Date To SkatePopeye takes Olive Oyl to a roller skating rink. Olive has never skated before, so Popeye has to teach her. Olive cannot get the hang of skating and ends up in all kinds of trouble. Originally released: 18 November 1938. Runtime: 7:14.
Aladdin And His Wonderful LampOlive Oyl is working in the story department of Surprise Pictures. She writes a script based on Aladdin, which features Popeye playing the thief and Olive playing the Princess Originally released: 7 April 1939. Runtime: 21:17.
Customers WantedPopeye the Sailor and Bluto are each running a penny arcade. The competition hots up when Wimpy, a potential customer, appears. They both vie for his trade. Originally released: 27 January 1939. Runtime: 7:09.
I Never Changes Me AltitudeOlive Oyl is toying with the boys' affections again. She has agreed to fly off with Bluto, who is a pilot, and leave Popeye behind. But all does not turn out how she imagines and soon she wishes she was back with Popeye. Originally released: 20 August 1937. Runtime: 6:04.
I'm In The Army NowOlive Oyl tells Popeye and Bluto that she loves to see a man in uniform. So they both head off to sign up. The recruitment officer can only take one of them, so they both try to outdo each other with their tales. Originally released: 25 December 1936. Runtime: 6:14.
Lil' Swee' PeaPopeye decides to spend the day at the zoo with Swee' Pea. However, Swee' Pea proves to be a real menace and Popeye spends most of the visit rescuing the baby from the animals. Originally released: 25 September 1936. Runtime: 7:07.
Me Musical NephewsPopeye's nephews are visiting him and have been playing their musical instruments, but now it is bedtime. After being tucked up, they see lots of things in the bedroom, that they can make sounds with. Originally released: 25 December 1942. Runtime: 6:46.
The Paneless Window WasherBluto and Popeye lock horns once again. Bluto is running a window cleaning service and offers to clean Olive Oyl's windows, but she wants Popeye to clean them instead. Originally released: 22 January 1937. Runtime: 6:10.
Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty ThievesPopeye the Sailor, along with Olive Oyl and Wimpy is sent to defeat the fearsome bandit Abu Hassan and his forty thieves. Abu Hassan looks mightily similar to Bluto! Originally released: 26 November 1937. Runtime: 17:15.
Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The SailorIn another retelling of a classic tale, Popeye the Sailor and Sindbad the Sailor, played by Bluto, engage in a battle for supremacy. Originally released: 27 November 1936. Runtime: 16:33.


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