Cartoon Shorts - Woody Woodpecker In Pantry Panic

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Cartoon Shorts - Woody Woodpecker In Pantry Panic
Woody Woodpecker decides not to fly south with the rest of his friends, a decision that he will come to regret, especially with a starving cat on the prowl. Originally released: 24 November 1941. Runtime: 6:51.
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Along with such stars as Woody Woodpecker, we also have some public information films.

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A Is For AtomSponsored by General Electric, this animation explains what constitutes an atom and how energy is released. It also shows the peaceful use of atomic energy. Originally released: 1953. Runtime: 14:40.
Hector's Hectic LifeHector, the dog, lives a life of leisure, until his mistress warns him he'll be thrown out if there is any more mess. To make matters worse three puppies suddenly appear. Originally released: 19 November 1948. Runtime: 6:28.