Little Lulu

Little LuluLittle Lulu first appeared in a comic strip, created by Marjorie Henderson Buell, on February 23, 1935.

After a spell of about 10 years, Little Lulu made her screen debut in the mid 1940's. In all 26 cartoons were produced by Famous Studios in the space of less than 5 years.

These cartoons were then superseded by 'Little Audrey', a very similar character created by Paramount to avoid paying royalty fees for Little Lulu.

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Episode Listing

Cad And CaddyLittle Lulu offers to caddy for a man in return for a lollipop as payment. After playing a terrible round, the golfer refuses to give her the lollipop, so Little Lulu has her revenge. Originally released: 18 July 1947. Runtime: 7:29.