Flip The Frog

Flip The Frog Flip the Frog was created by cartoonist with the strange name of Ub Iwerks. In a brief moment of fame he starred in a series of cartoons from 1930 to 1933.

Flip the Frog's debut film, in 1930, was Fiddlesticks. This has the distinction of being the first sound and color cartoon ever produced. After his last film Soda Squirt, in 1933, Flip then slipped quietly into obscurity.

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Episode Listing

FiddlesticksIn this his debut film, Flip the Frog is a nightclub performer. But, it's a club with a difference, as it outdoors and in the forest. Originally released: 16 August 1930. Runtime: 6:12.
Soda SquirtFlip is the owner of a drug store, but the strange thing is that all his clientele seem, to hail from Hollywood. See which celebrities you can spot. Originally released: 12 October 1933. Runtime: 6:04.


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