Superman - Arctic Giant

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Superman - Arctic Giant
An expedition in Siberian finds a frozen Tyrannosaurus rex and imports it to the USA. Unfortunately, the creature thaws out. This looks like a job for Superman. Originally released: 26 February 1942. Runtime: 8:28.
Fleischer SupermanProduced between September 26, 1941 and July 30, 1943, these seventeen Superman cartoons are considered some of the finest created during 'The Golden Age Of Animation'.

The first eight cartoons were produced by Fleischer Studios, but when this was dissolved the remaining nine were produced by Famous Studios.

This series of cartoons helped create the Superman we know today, including his ability to fly. The series also introduced the immortal words, "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!"

Episode Listing

The Mad ScientistIn this Superman's first big screen outing, he is fighting a mad scientist, who is using an 'energy cannon' in an attempt to destroy Metropolis. Originally released: 26 September 1941. Runtime: 10:13.
The Mechanical MonstersAn evil inventor has created an army of giant flying robots and is using them to rob banks. To make matters worse Lois Lane is kidnapped. Originally released: 21 November 1941. Runtime: 10:09.
Billion Dollar LimitedA massive shipment of gold traveling to the mint is hijacked by armed robbers. Will Superman stop the plot and save the trapped Lois Lane? Originally released: 9 January 1942. Runtime: 8:25.
The BulleteersCriminals in possession of a flying rocket car are threatening to destroy Metropolis. The villains have also kidnapped Lois Lane. Superman is the only hope. Originally released: 26 March 1942. Runtime: 8:01.
The Magnetic TelescopeAn evil professor is experimenting with his latest invention, a 'magnetic telescope'. This is so powerful that it can bring a comet down to earth. He must be stopped! Originally released: 24 April 1942. Runtime: 7:31.
Electric EarthquakeA Native American tries to force the return of Manhattan to his people, by using artificial earthquakes. Lois Lane is captured and kept prisoner in the fanatic's underwater hideout. Originally released: 15 May 1942. Runtime: 8:34.
VolcanoThe Daily Planet has dispatched Clark Kent and Lois Lane to report on a deadly eruption, that has been predicted to occur on an island called Monokoa. Will Superman save Lois from the lava flow? Originally released: 10 July 1942. Runtime: 7:44.
Terror On The MidwayClark Kent and Lois Lane are sent to review the circus. When they are there a dangerous gorilla named, 'Gigantic' escapes. In the ensuing melee, other dangerous animals also manage to escape. Originally released: 30 August 1942. Runtime: 8:01.
JapoteursA huge new bomber has been developed and always one for a scoop Lois Lane has stowed herself aboard the plane to report on the test flight. Also on board are Japanese spies, with plans to hijack the plane. Originally released: 18 September 1942. Runtime: 8:52.
ShowdownA villain is masquerading as Superman and committing robberies. All the blame falls on Superman who has to his work cut to find the culprit. Originally released: 16 October 1942. Runtime: 8:10.
Eleventh HourIt is wartime and Daily Planet reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane are somehow visiting Japan. Superman aids the war effort by committing sabotage at 11 o'clock each night. Originally released: 20 November 1942. Runtime: 7:50.
Destruction IncInvestigating a murder at the Metropolis Munitions plant, Lois Lane discovers a sabotage plot. Entombed inside a torpedo that is about to be fired, it looks like her luck has finally run out. Originally released: 25 December 1942. Runtime: 8:19.
The Mummy StrikesA famous Egyptologist is found dead and the blame falls on his assistant, who is convicted of the murder. However, Doctor Wilson, a colleague believes that the death was caused by the 'Curse of King Tush'. Originally released: 19 February 1943. Runtime: 7:34.
Jungle DrumsWhat at first sight looks a jungle temple, is in fact a secret Nazi military base. When Lois Lane is shot down her life is at risk, mainly by being eaten. Originally released: 26 March 1943. Runtime: 7:47.
The Underground WorldLois Lane, on the search of a story, embarks on an underground expedition to discover a race of hawk-men. Unfortunately, these hawk-men indulge in sacrifices. Lois is in danger! Originally released: 18 June 1943. Runtime: 7:56.
Secret AgentClark Kent aids in the escape of a blonde Federal agent from a gang of Nazi saboteurs. He uses a cunning ruse of letting himself be captured, so that he can learn more of their plans. Originally released: 30 July 1943. Runtime: 7:28.


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