Felix The Cat

Felix The Cat Felix the Cat is the original cartoon superstar, appearing during the silent film era. He paved the way for the likes of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. There is some debate about who was Felix's true creator, so the credit should be shared between Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer.

Felix's debut was in 'Feline Follies', released way back in 1919. He soon became a popular draw to the newly created cinemas. Along with many real life actors the advent of sound in the late 1920's led to his decline, although in recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in his work.

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Episode Listing

Felix All Balled UpFelix's owner has a new club, which is actually Felix in disguise. Felix tries to teach his owner how to play golf, but instead loses the golf ball, which he has to find otherwise he is in very hot water. Originally released: 1 July 1924. Runtime: 3:22.
Felix All PuzzledFelix wants his dinner, but his owner refuses to feed him until he's finished the crossword. There is only one word left, but to find the answer and get fed Felix has to travel all the way to Russia. Originally released: 15 January 1925. Runtime: 2:44.
April MazeFelix the Cat, is out on a nice trip with his two young nephews. Unfortunately, their plans for a picnic are ruined, first by a thunderstorm and then a rascally rabbit. Originally released: 1930. Runtime: 8:02.
Felix Doubles For DarwinAs usual Felix is very hungry, but he reads that there is a reward for anyone who can prove the theory of evolution. In search of evidence he travels to South Africa, but ends up offending the monkeys with the suggestion they are related to humans. Originally released: 1924. Runtime: 9:34.
Felix Finds OutFelix's owner has been given an assignment, which is to explain why the moon shines. Felix decides to find out the answer himself, but encounters bootleggers who are producing 'moonshine'. Originally released: 15 March 1924. Runtime: 9:12.
Felix Gets The CanFelix is fishing, but today the fish aren't biting. So instead he decides to go into a restaurant and steal a fish. Failing in this mission, Felix discovers that Alaska is abundant in fish, so he travels there in search of food. Originally released: 8 June 1925. Runtime: 8:21.
Felix Goes WestFelix is living the life of a hobo. Penniless and hungry, he is thrown out of a Tea Room. He gets into even more trouble with a tribe of Indians and a very angry bear. Originally released: 1 August 1924. Runtime: 8:22.
Felix In HollywoodFelix is on a quest for stardom, but does not have the money to pay for his trip to Hollywood. But help is at hand when a shoe store owner promises Felix $500, if he can help bring in business. Originally released: 15 July 1923. Runtime: 9:34.
Felix In The SwimKind-hearted Felix rescues a mouse from a mousetrap. The grateful animal promises Felix that he will return the favor. It will not be too long before Felix will be needing just that! Originally released: 1 July 1922. Runtime: 3:26.
Neptune NonsenseFelix has a pet goldfish, called Annabelle. She is however very unhappy, as she is lonely. So Felix decides to catch her a friend. This will lead to a mountain of trouble, for when King Neptune finds out, he thinks Felix wants to eat the fish. Originally released: 20 March 1936. Runtime: 7:05.
The Goose That Laid The Golden EggFelix has a goose that lays golden eggs. This leads to trouble when the evil Captain Kidd breaks into Felix's house and steals the bird. With the goose safe on his pirate ship, Captain Kidd sails away, with Felix in pursuit. Originally released: 7 February 1936. Runtime: 7:08.
Two-Lip TimeFelix is chasing a mouse that runs onto a ship, which is heading for Holland. This is where his adventures begin. Flirting with a pretty maiden, taking a clog over the head and watering plants with gin. Originally released: 22 August 1926. Runtime: 8:17.