Daffy Duck

Daffy DuckDaffy Duck first appeared way back on April 17, 1937 appearing briefly in 'Porky's Duck Hunt'. The creation of Tex Avery and Bob Clampett, he would go on to become a superstar of the cartoon world, and would go on to appear in 129 shorts made during the 'Golden Age of Animation'.

For over fifty years Daffy's voice was provided by Mel Blanc, who was also the voice of Bugs Bunny with whom he often appeared. Mel Blanc holds the world record for the longest characterization of a cartoon character, which is 52 years!

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Episode Listing

Daffy Duck And The DinosaurWay back at the dawn of history, there lives a caveman called Caspar (who is actually a caricature of Jack Benny). Whilst off hunting with his pet dinosaur, called Fido, they encounter Daffy Duck. Originally released: 22 April 1939. Runtime: 7:47.
Yankee Doodle DaffyDaffy is wisecracking agent, who represents Sleepy LaGoof. He and his client visit a talent scout, played by Porky Pig. Daffy, does his best hard sell about the kid's talents with not too much success. Originally released: 3 July 1943. Runtime: 6:46.


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