Bugs Bunny

Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny really needs no introduction, as along with his catchphrase 'What's up, doc?', he has been a favorite cartoon character for seventy years.

His first official appearance was in 'A Wild Hare' released July 27, 1940. Directed by Tex Avery Bugs's voice was provided by Mel Blanc. Mel would be the voice of Bugs for 48 years! Appearing alongside Bugs Bunny was Elmer Fudd, who would become a long-time adversary.

During what is known as the 'Golden Age of Animation', Bugs Bunny starred in an amazing 163 shorts, earning himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A little known fact is that the name 'Bugs' is an old nickname that means 'crazy', hence the expression 'bugging me'.

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Episode Listing

Fresh HareMountie Elmer is in the Canadian North Woods on the trail of Bugs Bunny, who is wanted dead or alive but, 'preferably dead'. Originally released: 22 August 1942. Runtime: 7:06.
Case Of The Missing HareBugs' peace and tranquility are broken, when a magician puts posters on his home in a hollow tree. Bugs decides to take his revenge. Originally released: 12 December 1942. Runtime: 8:13.
Falling HareIt is wartime and Bugs encounters some very nasty saboteurs, in the form of 'gremlins.' These little creatures seem hell bent on destruction. Originally released: 30 October 1943. Runtime: 8:28.
The Wabbit Who Came To SupperElmer Fudd inherits a massive fortune of three million dollars, but there is one condition attached. That is he must harm no animals, and that includes rabbits. Originally released: 28 March 1942. Runtime: 8:07.
Wackiki WabbitOut on a lonely tropical island are a couple of very hungry castaways, also on the island is one Mr Bugs Bunny. Will they be able to catch him and put him in the pot? Originally released: 3 July 1943. Runtime: 6:42.
Wacky WabbitElmer Fudd is deep in the desert prospecting for gold. His life is going to take a turn for the worse with the appearance of Bugs Bunny. Originally released: 2 May 1942. Runtime: 7:23.


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