Bosko Bosko was created by the animators Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising. Between 1929 and 1933 he became the star of 39 Looney Tunes shorts.

Although he looks similar to Felix the Cat, Bosko is in fact a minstrel. The storylines are generally very light as the main attraction of the cartoons was intended to be the music and the dancing. In these early years Bosko rivaled Mickey Mouse in popularity.

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Episode Listing

Ain't Nature GrandBosko is on a fishing trip and has bought a worm to use as bait, but he feels sorry for the poor little fella and uses letters from signs instead. Originally released: March 1931. Runtime: 6:50.
Big Hearted BoskoBosko and his dog are ice-skating on a pond. In the snow they discover an abandoned baby. The two soon find out why the baby was left, but eventually they manage to stop the crying. Originally released: 5 March 1932. Runtime: 5:39.
Bosko's HolidayBosko's girlfriend, Honey, wants him to take her on a picnic so he drives over to her place. Unfortunately things do not go according to plan, mainly because of an annoying little dog. Originally released: July 1931. Runtime: 7:10.
Bosko's PartyIt is Honey's birthday so Bosko and his friends organize a surprise birthday party. The party does not go smoothly, mainly due to Honey's dog and her pupil, a little kitten, getting trapped underneath a flowerpot. Originally released: 2 April 1932. Runtime: 5:54.
Bosko's Soda FountainBosko is a serving soda, but he is not very good at his job. Annoying both a mouse and his old schoolteacher. Even worse is to come in the form of his girlfriend, Honey's pupil who is a kitten. Originally released: 14 November 1931. Runtime: 5:32.
Bosko And BrunoBosko is a tramp who along with his dog Bruno is walking along the railroad. Suddenly a train appears, you will have to watch to find out how they escape and what adventures ensue. Originally released: 1932. Runtime: 5:28.
Bosko And HoneyBosko's girlfriend Honey teaches music. One of her pupils is a little kitten who hates the lessons and playing the violin. In desperation Honey phones Bosko to ask for his help. Originally released: 1932. Runtime: 6:46.
Bosko At The ZooBosko takes his girlfriend Honey on an outing to the zoo. The lion in the zoo frightens Honey, but actually the one in peril is Bosko. Originally released: 9 January 1932. Runtime: 6:46.
Bosko ShipwreckedIt is just not Bosko's day. He is shipwrecked on an island, where the inhabitants want to eat him. First a lion and even worse is to come, cannibals!! Originally released: 19 September 1931. Runtime: 5:25.
Congo JazzIn this cartoon Bosko is a hunter in the jungle, but he is frightened so ends up playing music with the animals. Originally released: October 1930. Runtime: 6:19.
Booze Hangs HighIt's party time and Bosko is down on the farm having fun, dancing with cows, making an instrument out of a horse's tail and getting drunk with the pigs. Originally released: December 1930. Runtime: 6:07.


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