Betty Boop

Betty Boop Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer, and her first appearance was in 1930 in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes. She was modeled on the actress Clara Bow.

By 1932 after ten supporting roles, and a gradual evolution in character Betty Boop had become a star and was given her own series. She was the first and arguably still the most famous animated sex symbol. These early cartoons were drawn during the Great Depression, but her character was that of a 'flapper' symbolizing the carefree days of the 1920's.

Due to campaigning, by the National Legion of Decency, new guidelines and restrictions were introduced in 1934 that toned down Betty's character. However Betty survived and now after eighty years and counting, Betty is still "The Queen of the Animated Screen".

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Episode Listing

The Bum BanditBimbo is a masked bandit who holds up a train. Unfortunately for him, aboard the train there is an even more dangerous character, Betty Boop! Originally released: 4 April 1931. Runtime: 6:00.
Be HumanBetty Boop's neighbor is a farmer and she witnesses him being cruel to his animals. Luckily, Grampy has an invention, which will teach him a lesson. Originally released: 20 November 1936. Runtime: 6:50.
Mother Goose LandBetty Boop makes a wish and out of a book appears Mother Goose. Betty Boop enjoys a sometimes scary visit of nursery land. Originally released: 23 June 1933. Runtime: 6:47.
Betty Boop And GrampyGrampy is having a party and everyone seems to be invited. Joining Betty Boop are a fireman, a policeman and two piano movers. Fun is had by all! Originally released: 16 August 1935. Runtime: 6:58.
Betty Boop And The Little KingThe Little King is at the opera. He is bored and creeps out to the theater across the road, to see Betty's Wild West Show. Originally released: 31 January 1936. Runtime: 6:09.
Barnacle BillIn this Betty Boop cartoon Bimbo plays a sailor called Barnacle Bill. He deserts his ship and pays a visit to his lady friend, Betty Boop. Originally released: 30 August 1930. Runtime: 8:06.
Bimbo's ExpressBetty Boop is moving house and she has hired Bimbo and his removal van to help her. Bimbo is bowled over by Betty's looks. Originally released: 22 August 1931. Runtime: 6:19.
Bimbo's InitiationBimbo is being forced against his will to join a secret society. Hopefully someone will come to his rescue. Will it be Betty Boop? Originally released: 24 July 1931. Runtime: 6:31.
Dizzy DishesBetty Boop works as a singer in a restaurant that caters for dogs. As you can probably guess, fun and frolics will soon ensue. Originally released: 9 August 1930. Runtime: 6:10.
Minding The BabyBimbo has been put in charge of looking after his baby brother, but his neighbor Betty Boop is bored and wants him to come over and play Originally released: 26 September 1931. Runtime: 7:05.
Misterious MoseIt's night-time and Betty Boop can't sleep because of all scary goings-on. So she decides to sing a song and something very strange happens. Originally released: 27 December 1930. Runtime: 6:10.
Silly ScandalsAs is often the case Betty Boop is a singer in vaudeville. Bimbo, the dog, creeps into see the show and causes mayhem with the hypnotist. Originally released: 23 May 1931. Runtime: 6:05.
Kitty From Kansas CityBetty Boop is off on a train journey to 'Rudy Valley', there the pounds pile on. Rudy Vallee performs the title song. Originally released: 1 November 1931. Runtime: 7:15.
Mask-A-RaidThere is a masquerade ball and Betty Boop is the queen. Also attending are an old man and Bimbo the dog. They both have a crush on Betty. Originally released: 7 November 1931. Runtime: 6:35.
Jack And The BeanstalkIn the retelling of the classic story Betty Boop is being held captive by a giant. Bimbo the dog climbs the beanstalk to find her. Originally released: 21 November 1931. Runtime: 6:58.
Dizzy Red Riding-HoodBetty Boop is determined to visit Grandma's house and journeys through the woods. She has decided to ignore all the warning about wolves. Originally released: 12 December 1931. Runtime: 6:26.
Boop-Oop-A-DoopBetty Boop is working in the circus as a lion tamer. If that is not dangerous enough she also has to ward off the attentions of the ringmaster. Originally released: 16 January 1932. Runtime: 8:28.
Any RagsBimbo is a rag and bone man and on his journey he meets Betty Boop. He starts auctioning off all the garbage he has collected. But what is in Betty's bag? Originally released: 2 January 1932. Runtime: 6:02.
The RobotBimbo is working as a garage mechanic. His girlfriend agrees to marry him, but with one condition. First he has to fight and beat 'One-Round Mike.' Originally released: 5 February 1932. Runtime: 6:39.
Minnie The MoocherIn this classic Betty Boop cartoon, Betty and Bimbo have run away from home. But it's a scary night and they can hear ghosts singing. Originally released: 11 March 1932. Runtime: 7:49.


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