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Comedy Shorts - Ask Dad

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Comedy Shorts - Ask Dad
A son has developed a crush on his father's secretary and asks him for advice. Unbeknown to the son his father, played by Edward Everett Horton, also has a soft spot for her and soon she may well become his stepmother. Originally released: 1929. Runtime: 22:15.
Comedy ShortsHere we have a great collection of comedy shorts, many dating back to the advent of talkies.

Enjoy the farce of Mack Sennett, and see great comic performances by the likes of W.C. Fields and Harry Gribbon.

Episode Listing

Ghost ParadeMr Martin and the guests in Mosby Manor hear strange noises during the night. They believe it to be the ghost of Mr Martin's uncle, killed during the Civil War. The blame eventually falls on mice. But is it really them? Originally released: 1931. Runtime: 17:37.
The Bees' BuzzA Mack Sennett comedy from the early sound era. Andy and Harry are trying to stop Andy's daughter marrying. But for their pain's they end up in a spot of bother. Originally released: 1929. Runtime: 19:33.
The Fatal Glass Of BeerThis parody of stage melodramas, written by and starring W.C. Fields, was produced by Mack Sennett. Set in the Yukon, Fields and his wife have a visitor, their prodigal son recently released from prison. Originally released: 1933. Runtime: 18:28.
The Old BarnThis comedy was both directed and produced by Mack Sennett. A group of people find what appears to be a haunted barn. But is it all just a figment of their imagination? Originally released: 1929. Runtime: 20:19.


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